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Learn How To Cook Using The Dutch Oven a dutch oven cooker can be used to cook chili, rice and chicken among others. That food that you cook using your tandoor or any other furnace can be cooked in a dutch oven. All you are required to have is confidence and do a lot of practice. Most people who use the dutch oven to cook prefer to do it using charcoal bricks. This enables you to operate well as you can easily estimate temperatures which result in better meals. Most of the dutch cooking also uses real wood coals. With real wood coals, quality cooking is achieved when temperatures are well controlled. After you get to cleanse and season your dutch oven, you can now start cooking something grand. It is recommended by the experienced chaps to always start off this oven cooking by first preparing simple foods. Choose something that will help build the seasoning film on your oven. You must have some awareness of temperature regulation before you start cooking with the dutch oven. There are some foods that can help you learn in cooking as most is prepared under about 350 degrees. One is when you deep-fry doughnuts or fish. Here is the recipe. First pour vegetable oil into the cooking material so it is 2 inches deep. Set this over coals to heat. By dropping some tiny piece of either the fish or the doughnut, you will tell if the oil is ready. You will know that the oil is hot adequately if the piece you test sputters while inside. After you have tested the oil hot, immerse your fish or doughnut inside and let it fry until golden brown just as chips do. To remove your deep-fried food; make sure you have a slotted metal scoop or a stick.
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There are other foods that require the same degree of heat as fish and doughnut do. A seasoning film is created using such meals as given above that require temperatures around 350 degrees. When you are finished cooking, pour off the extra oil and let the oven cool enough to touch. You can then remove any left-over food and then wipe away all the oil.
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nonetheless there are foods that you should practice caution when cooking. These foods include any acidic foods like beans and tomato-based sauces. After you successfully achieve a solid and resilient film, then you can start cooking the acid-based foods after which you are supposed to do cleaning immediately you are done cooking.