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Picking a Hairstyle Based on Facial Shape

As with clothes, haircuts are not all right for you. But unlike your clothes, you can’t take off a bad haircut anytime you want to. Therefore, before visiting the barber, know what styles are best for your facial shape.


If your face is oval, you’re a lucky boy – any haircut will do. But for the best effect, keep your hair off your forehead to add volume and angles on top. Your best choice is a classic shorter cut, with the sides short, the top a bit longer, and with side-swept parting. A forward fringe will create excessive heaviness on the forehead, soften your features, and make your face appear rounder. Forget the beard. You have no disproportionate gaps to fill in.
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A square face is as versatile as its oval counterpart. That classic, neat haircut is your best option. Think side partings, short layers and close fades. To add a little sharpness to your jawline, grow a little stubble, which also adds a bit of texture without blurring the line.


As a rectangular face looks longer, too short sides and a too long top should be avoided as they both emphasize facial length. Try letting your hair fall to the sides and/or across your forehead for a more proportioned look. And don’t grow a full beard – it will only make your face look longer.


A round face will have little in the way of natural angles, but you can always create them with the right hairstyle. One is a pompadour or a flat top (tight at the sides with height on top) and another is front fringes. You can sharpen soft edges with square corners in the high recession area of your hair. A full square beard also helps to thin the chin part, making your jaw look more chiseled.

For a diamond-shaped face, hairstyles that viden the forehead and chin area are the best. Fringes will add texture to your forehead, and longer styles that you can tuck behind your ears do well to accentuate your bone structure. Careful not to cut the sides too short, however, to avoid making your ears look bigger.


For a heart-shaped face, too tight cuts must be avoid as it tends to emphasize the forehead width and chin narrowness. Your safest bet is a mid-length swept look. And similar to the diamond face shape, a heart face shape is flattered by a beard because it adds weight around the head’s lower, narrower half.


Because of the narrow forehead and wide jawline, a triangular face needs the exact opposite treatment that a heart shape should get. Volume and depth are what you need. Longer, nose-length and full-sided haircuts are the best. As for the beard, a light stubble is the best you can get.