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Benefits of Lavender Essential Oils

Your health is the most important thing you have. Taking quality care of yourself should be one of your top priorities. It is necessary to be aware of all the things one should do to improve how your body functions. Essential oils have been used over the years for a number of reasons. One of the main reasons these oils are so popular is their capacity of providing healing, growth and restoration to the human body. Lavender oil is one of the most used essential oils. Lavender oil is loved by many, and it is an essential oil that is loved for a variety of reasons. In the past lavender oil has been used for an array of reasons including cooking, mummifying and bathing. Below are some of its many advantages.

It Helps Treat Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the lifestyle diseases affecting people today. People are looking for alternate ways of treating this annoying disease. A study done in Tunisia showed that lavender essential oil had a significant impact of lowering the horrible effects of diabetes on the human body. uncontrollable increase in weight, increase in blood sugar and kidney and liver dysfunction are among the symptoms lavender oil helps to control.
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Aids in Brain Functionality
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This essential oil has the capacity of helping keep neurological disorders at bay. Research has proven that lavender helps lower stress, as well as reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Studies have also shown that 80mg of lavender essential oil reduces cases of insomnia. Lavender essential oil is very healthy and has no negative side effects. This is unlike other Pharmaceutical drugs which may have averse effects. Lavender aroma therapy helps alleviate symptoms of post natal depression for those mothers who had just given birth. Studies show that lavender oil not only helps in treating strokes but it also helps in mood improvement.

Acts As An Antioxidant

Many people get sick whenever they are exposed to toxins. It is very hard to stay healthy because the toxins affect the immune system. If these toxins are too many the body begins to shut down because it can no longer produce antioxidants. Nonetheless, lavender essential oil can help the body produce strong antioxidants within 22 hours. Inhaling lavender essential oil for just an hour each day can help protect the human cells from over multiplying. This is essential in the prevention of cancer which may be caused by cells over multiplying.

Helps To Protect the Skin

A mixture of lavender essential oil, aloe Vera and Coconut oil has numerous benefits on the skin. Using ten drops of lavender oil on your skin every day can bring forth rapid healing for a number of skin conditions including cuts, acne and eczema.